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updated at 11:07am on 11/03/2020

by Anonymous

Good surgery

Very helpful polite staff. Used surgery for few years and very impressed with treatment. Reception staff along with nurses and doctors are very good

Visited in January 2020, Posted on 10 February 2020

by Anonymous

excellent... until recently

This has been my GP surgery for about 14 years - and has always been excellent. But last week something a bit odd happened. I received a call from reception asking me if I could take a call from a GP an hour later. I'd been for a routine health check the day before and was told something in the results was of concern to the GP and they needed to speak to me asap. Boy did I sweat for a couple of hours! But when they phoned (much later than scheduled) I was given a clean bill of health. Might need to take statins in 3-5 yrs time but otherwise fine. The locum GP (not a regular) had had a disagreement with me a year or so ago (losing face) and I think they remembered me and decided to wind me up. Well at least now I know what sort of feeling it will be if ever I do get some bad news out of the blue. I wrote above that it made me sweat which is not quite correct - it was more of a cold feeling, with a nervous shaking I couldn't stop. But what a relief to find all ok. Still it did leave me feeling very strange and I've come here to share the story. I might change my GP as I think there is someone here playing with my emotions and I don't like that idea. Other than that, a good surgery, efficient and helpful.

Visited in May 2019, Posted on 11 June 2019

by Jason Buck

Friendly, understanding and empathic

Only bothering to write this review as I see the surgery currently has a 1 star review and this has not been my experience at all. I've seen a couple of different doctors over the past few years of living in the area and found them understanding of what have been traumatic problems for me and helpful and knowledgable in recommending treatments and keeping in touch with me to check on my progress.

Visited in February 2018, Posted on 29 August 2018